Gissele Taraba

Gissele Taraba has an Masters in Epidemiology from McMaster University as well as an MSW from Laurier University. She is a published author as well as a researcher and co-owner of Maitri Centre for Love and Compassion

Ep.40 Krisanna Sexton and Dana Croschere – Can Loving Ourselves Help Us Heal Our Bodies?

Do you believe your body has the power to heal itself? what role do unaddressed emotions have in aligning us to illness and disease.  

In this podcast episode, I chat with Krisanna and Dana, creators of the incredible film, Love Heals.  Love heals is a documentary on the body’s ability to heal itself after addressing our own trauma with self-love and self-compassion.

Ep.39 Joe Atkinson – Compassionately Addressing Our Children’s Challenges

Are you having a hard time dealing with the challenges of parenting? could you use  greater compassion for yourself and for your children when handling difficult moments? Tune in for my conversation with Joe Atkinson on compassionate inquiry with parents.  On this episode I share the challenges I have faced as a parent as well as some of my successes while Joe shares his wisdom on how to have an easier time with tantrums.  

Ep.37 Greta Pontarelli – Living an Unlimited Life.

What is preventing you from living your dreams? Do you hold limiting beliefs about your own abilities, your lack of experience or degrees or even your age? Join me for this incredible conversation with Greta Pontarelli, who is a a 67 year old 5 time world champion pole dancer and is the oldest in her field to compete at the world level.  She and I talk about what it takes to become unlimited and to fully live your dreams. 

Ep.36 Conversation with Scott Goyette – The Power of Surrender

Join me for this amazing conversation with Scott Goyette on the power of surrendering and letting go. Scott Goyette and he is, former chairperson for educators for the National Speakers Association. He’s also a podcast host, author, college professor, and personal development coach. He empowers his audiences through memorable stories, impactful lessons and tools that help you become more mindful and more deeply tuned into your senses.  He’s also the founder of the Go Love movement

Ep.35 Dr. Marnie Hill – Shares her Spiritual Journey

Listen to a great conversation with Dr. Marnie Hill, author of God came to my garage sale.  In this chat, she discusses leaving a traumatic relationship, as well as having a spiritual awakening and connecting with God.  We also discuss unconditional love and what we think God is.  

Ep.34 Amy Joy – Let Go of Fear and Live your Dreams

Can we live extraordinary lives after trauma?  How do we find the gifts in the chaos? In this conversation, Amy Joy shares her experiences being a missionary child, escaping an abusive relationship, and fleeing to Mexico to start a new life with her children.  She shares the mindset shift which helped her find freedom and live her best life.  Tune in to find out how self-love and self-compassion helped her finally forgive those who hurt her and see everything in her past with a new perspective. 

Ep.33 Emily Thiroux Threatt – Overcome Grief with Compassion

What helps us grieve? Join me in this conversation with Emily Threatt, as she shares her story about losing, not one but two of her husbands and how grief lead her to find compassion for herself and others.  She has now established a community to help others through their grief. 

Ep.32 Hitu Jugessur – The Power of Breathing

Do you know that you have everything you need available to you at any moment? By focusing on the breath, you can remember that you are always being supported.  Join me as I chat with Hitu Jugessur on the power of the breath in helping us stay grounded, calm and peaceful.  She shares her stories of helping high conflict groups remember their power through breathwork. 

Ep.31 Avital Miller – Healing Ourselves with Compassion

Join me as I chat with the wonderful Avital Miller about her journey in healing herself from a chronic condition using natural methods.  In this conversation we talk about her journey in learning about her diagnosis, and hearing stories of individuals who healed themselves in magical or miraculous ways.  Avital shares the key themes she discovered while chatting with survivors as well as discusses how compassion and love fit within healing. 

Ep.30 Rhonda V Magee – Compassion in Race and Equity Conversations

Can we use compassion to have difficult conversations about race? Can compassion help us lean into one another and witness each other’s stories, without judgement? Join us for this inspiring conversation with the wonderful Dr. Rhonda V Magee on how to use compassion and mindfulness to discuss race and equity issues so that we may come together to co-create a more loving, inclusive and compassionate world.

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