Ep.0 Series Introduction

Gissele gives a little insight into what to the Love and Compassion Podcasts are all about. This is a perfect place to start listening. 


The current world circumstances are confirming how interconnected we truly are.  It has shown us that although we sometimes feel powerless and scared, when we stand together with love and compassion for our fellow human beings we can face any adversity.  Together we always stronger. Fear can compromise our immune system and leads us to react in ways that hurt ourselves and others. We can always choose how we are going to behave during difficult times. We can opt for fear…or we can opt for love. You can always choose.

Imagine if you will, living in a world where people always respond with love, and compassion? Where we place greater emphasis on connection and collaboration than division and winning. I see us all living in ease, living within systems that support healing, equity and inclusion, freedom and power. If you can accept this vision as a possibility, than we have already taken our first step together.

These podcasts will bring you many stories of people like you and me who have overcome adversity with extraordinary acts of love and compassion. People who are creating systems that have love and compassion as their founding principles. The stories we will share will show that allowing forgiveness and compassion for those hurt us is part of healing and learning to love ourselves.

Join me on this journey of learning, healing and empowerment.

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With unconditional love for all of you.

Be well.

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