Ep.21 Justin Court-Spread the love

Join us for a great conversation with Justin Court, founder of Spread the Love Movement, as we chat about unconditional love, becoming our God self, and so much more!

Gissele: Welcome to the Love and Compassion podcast with Gissele , don’t forget to like, and subscribe to our show. Uh, our guest is Justin Court. He is a love activist, podcast host, and the founder of the Spread Love Movement.

He has dedicated his life to helping shift the planet’s collective consciousness to be a place that is more loving, open, forgiving, empathetic, kind, peaceful, accepting, understanding, and together. He hopes that you too will take part in joining him on this journey. Welcome, Justin.

Justin: Thank you so much. Excited to be here.

This is awesome. Thank you. Thank

Gissele: you so much. I loved all those things that you said. I would like a world like that as well.

Justin: Yeah, I was just gonna say that is a, a consciousness that I know right now. It can kind of seem, far away from us, but, it’s something that we can literally all achieve together.

It’s like, I want to help in this shift. This is not something that myself or any one individual is able to create on their own. and that makes it even that much more beautiful that we’re in this.

Gissele: Yeah. I so agree with that. one of the things that I had to come to a realization on was that, my consciousness was contributing to this systems that we have created.

And so that we have all kind of agreed to these systems that are based on division in judgment. And so on. Sorry. And so starting to shift those systems really starts with us. It really starts with us not being divisive or not wanting to punish one another when we are hurt. so what you’re doing is, is so amazing.

How’d you get started in this work. this spread the love movement.

Justin: Yes, of course. It kind of happened on accident almost in a way. So how it started was, I met my now wife, years ago. And when we first met, I mean still now, but in the beginning, especially we were in such a place of bliss and euphoria.

Like we fell in love pretty instantly. And, literally just always in this immense, immense, immense energy of love by constantly. I never knew a love like this before she opened my heart and my mind, to really love that I just didn’t know existed. That was just unconditional and open and vulnerable.

And it was just. Beautiful. And at this time we both lived in New York city and,we moved in with each other pretty quickly because we fell in love so fast. And we lived in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and every day for me to get into work into Manhattan, I walked over this little bridge. He was a maybe 12 or 15 minute walk and it connected, Brooklyn to Queens.

So I’d walk over this bridge, I’d get the seven train, in Queens and long island city. And I take it into the, into the, into Manhattan for my job. And this walk over the bridge. It is the most beautiful view of the skyline ever. It’s like, and you get it for about, you know, 12 to 15 minutes and it is just picturesque.

So walking over this every single day, twice a day on the way to work on the way back, being in this just tremendous state of euphoria and love. My mind just kinda started to go. And it was honestly like a sense of meditation before I even knew what meditation was, because I had this incredible view, this visual that just blows you away.

And then also on the inside mentality, emotionally, spiritually, I am just engulfed in love. And when I’d walk over it right my mind again, which would start to go and just little ideas started to seep into my, my brain. How can I create change? How can I spread love? What good can I do in the world? And this literally happened over months.

It wasn’t like it hit me right away. it took a, it took a long time. It really took at least a few months and it would morph, right. So I had like kind of ideas in the beginning and then it would morph to something else. And I just didn’t jump into anything right away. Cause I was like, this isn’t done playing out yet.

Let me just see where this is going to take me. And then the initial idea was to start a website, like a good news website, essentially. And the idea was to start an Instagram channel Instagram page that would direct people to this website, like have a page, you know, that also would be all about love. but the main point of it was direct to direct people to a website.

So as the page grew, I realized that the website just wasn’t, it just wasn’t me. It just wasn’t who I was. It wasn’t how I wanted to get this message out to the world. And as time went on, you know, luckily the account grew. And I just want to, everybody let everyone know to the account now is, you know, almost at 260,000 followers, which I am just so grateful for because it’s almost 260,000 people who are.

In the energy of love, who are in the energy of kindness, you know what I mean? It’s cool to have that many followers, but it’s really cool more than it’s impacting this many people. Like the number is cool to me because it’s this many people who are in the energy of love and who are having these shifts in their energy, more towards happiness and joy and fulfillment.

So that’s, what’s really excited for exciting for me. but in the beginning when it started, you know, it grew to 5,000 followers, I would say pretty quick, but then there was a year of no growth whatsoever. It literally stayed at 5,000 for a year. And what really, I thought it was cool was that I never thought about giving up.

I never thought about. Because I wasn’t in this for me. I wasn’t in this, like for the followers for that number. I was doing it because I knew this was needed. I knew people needed more love and kindness and joy in their lives. I knew I needed it more. And by me putting this out to the world, that’s exactly what I got back.

So just staying with it, I think I, I didn’t, B I wasn’t ever deterred in stopping because this was my fulfillment. This is my passion. This is who I am. So there was never a thought to stop. And then luckily, now it’s been a few years and it’s, you know, it’s grown, it’s grown a lot, and it’s just beautiful that we’re impacting that many more people and, you know, we’ll get messages or people coming out of anxiety or depression, or just these huge shifts for them.

And that’s literally what it’s all about. The whole idea of the page is to bring happiness into people’s lives and show them that love and kindness exists everywhere and to raise their vibration and in raising their vibration, it raises the vibration and the consciousness of the planet. So it’s been a beautiful journey.

I’m really excited, even just where it is right now. And honestly, again, it all spurred in love, right? A lot of times, and a lot of guests on my podcast, a lot of their things kind of started with a really difficult, down, very low time for them. And I’m just grateful and blessed that this came out of love.

Gissele: Thank you so much. You said so many great insights. I wanted to touch on, a couple of things. you mentioned that this came from a place of love. and you mentioned the word unconditional love. And so can we talk a little bit about what unconditional love is?

Justin: Yeah. So unconditional love is who we truly are, right? Everyone. Like I’m going to just say that again. Real quick. Unconditional love is who we are. That’s who we are at our cores, at our base at our simplest form. no matter kind of what you believe in our souls that is unconditional love. That’s who we are.

It’s just the world has kind of toppled on top of us, with all of our worries and doubts and fears and anxieties and all of our troubles. And we’ve forgotten who we actually truly are. And unconditional love is sort of a radical thought. And I am also trying to help us see that we are love in the world and understanding that love is love can be unconditional.

And we need to stop thinking about it as something that we can achieve or be. So, when I first met my wife, Kayla, it was, it literally was just unconditional love for each other. It was such an openness. There was no judgment at all for us just meeting. It was wild. It’s hard to literally even explain just how we were during that time.

But it literally was just immense, immense love for one another. And even to look back in that time and be like, wow, we didn’t like judge each other. Or really have any negative user thoughts towards each other is remarkable because it’s kind of rare that that exists. but in that love, I mean, we’ve been together now for six and a half years, and I am just, I’m more in love with her now than I was in love with her then.

And vice versa. Like our love just keeps going and unconditional love. I know we all know this, but it literally means you love each other. You love each other, you love a stranger without condition at all. So that means that that person was super mean to you or rude to you. You still have love for that person regardless.

And that’s something I work on every single day because it is challenging. Like, let’s just keep it real. It’s a hard thing to do, but in those moments, those people need our love. The most. Literally when someone’s rude or mean to you think about it anytime you’ve ever been rude or mean to somebody else it’s because you were in a low place, you are not feeling good.

Maybe you were anxious about something, but there was something going on in your life where you weren’t, you weren’t feeling aligned and you weren’t feeling at your highest self. You weren’t feeling good because if you were feeling love, if you were feeling amazing, if you were feeling high, vibrational being rude or mean doesn’t exist in your reality, because you’re not vibrating there.

So it can’t exist. So in knowing that we know that when people act in that way, they are low vibrational, they are hurting, they’re in pain, they’re suffering. And those people need our love the most. And it’s like when we’re suffering and in pain, we just want, we want love. We might not act that way because of where we’re at in that state of being and consciousness.

But we do need more love. So if we can all take the idea of, and the concept of unconditional. And literally implement that every single day. That is a massive way, how we can change the consciousness of the planet. And you have to be honest with yourself and be like, I love unconditionally, but do you really, I hope that you do like, do I really all the time?

I don’t not, not all the time, but it’s something I work on every single day to love unconditionally, to love the person that was really mean to me. I love the person that, you know, quote unquote screwed me over to love the person who judges me deeply, right. To have love for those people and understanding that we are all one, we all come from the same, no matter which God you believe in, we all come from the same.

I truly believe that we are God manifested into physical form. Right. So in our godliness and that’s not like, oh, I’m God, and I’m better than you. It’s like, we are all God, we’re all beautiful in that way. And when we can connect to that, that connects to our oneness. And when we know that we’re all one.

That we’re all the same. We literally are the same. It’s all energy. We come from the same. We are one with that concept that is at least helped me love people more unconditionally because it’s, it’s you. When I look at you, I’m looking at myself. When I act in a way, it says much more about who I am, then that person is, so who do I want to be?

Do I want to be someone who puts negative energy out into the universe or do I want to be someone who puts out positivity and love in the universe, no matter what is happening to me and really it’s challenging, but what we can love unconditionally and truly unconditionally, that is when we will have a massive shift in our consciousness.

That’s when we will reach a much, much higher level of consciousness. And that’s where I know that we all want to be. And it’s okay that it’s challenging. It’s like, if it was just easy, if it’s just the way that it was, he’d be like, okay, well, this is just it. All right. Like you wouldn’t even know what it was like to love unconditionally.

You wouldn’t even know what would be striving for and the beauty and actually loving unconditionally. So this is all a part of the journey and it’s fine. And it’s actually really good. And then it’s up to us to choose every single day. How do we want to show up in the world? What energy do we want to put out in the world?

And hopefully each day we can love each other and ourselves, especially as well unconditionally.

and I completely agree with you. I mean, there were so many things in what you had said. I think, unconditionally loving people, truly, as you said, is loving people without judgment and without expectation.

Gissele: So when you’re in a relationship, when you unconditionally love someone, if the other person doesn’t love you, you don’t pull away your love. You still love them because you unconditionally love them. You don’t need to depend on their love for them, for you to love them. and being without judgment and being without expectation really, really is challenging.

And the reason being is because we so often try to get, or we get our love for ourselves, from other people. and so that’s where the expectations come in, when the judgment comes in. from our perspective, you really can’t unconditionally love other people until you unconditionally love yourself until you’re able to give yourself that, which you seek in another.

And then you can love people from your overflow, not from your reserves, because so often the, the whole energy thing is I’m trying to take energy from you, Justin, because I need you to love me so that I can feel lovable. And then I will love you only if you love me. And the issue in one of the things I want to discuss with you is the issue of non-judgment is really, really tough.

And one of the things that we, we talk about is compassion, but a lot of people think they’re compassionate, but a lot of our compassion comes with judgment. When we want people to get better, when we want them to change their behavior, when we want to rescue them. That we’re still judging them because we’re expecting them to be different than they are.

And so how do, how does the role of, how does like the issue of judgment really come into play when we have expectations from each other?

Justin: So I think it’s, it’s really important to, to be aware of. We have to, I don’t even know. I don’t even want to say half to it is in benefit to us to love somebody no matter who they are, how they are.

Literally. I know that can be challenging sometimes, but they’re on their own path as a soul and our judgment of them, of them isn’t going to help anything. Right. So literally loving people as they are, regardless. Not because you want that love to come back to you, but just because you want to give that love to some.

And you understand that they are perfect just as they are, because they’re on their own soul spiritual journey. And whoever they are in this moment is who they need to be in order for their soul’s evolution in order for them to grow right as they’re as a soul. So I’m actually, I’m, I’m, I’m listening now to, it’s a book called conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch.

Oh my gosh. I recommend that to everybody. And he, it is spectacular and this is the second time I’m listening to it. And right now it’s actually in the chapter where they’re talking about relationships and they say a lot of the times our relationships fail because we want to act in a way so that that person can think highly of us so that person can love us.

Like we’re not being true to ourselves. We’re being true to the vision of what our person thinks of us. And in the book, I talks about that in order to have a great relationship, we have to worry about ourselves. And none of us actually worries, not even the correct term. It’s like we have to be aware of ourselves and who we are being and be the best version of ourselves.

And in being the best version of ourselves, we’re also bringing out the best version of that other person, but it’s like being the best version of myself without any expectations or judgments of how my partner is going to be. It can’t be like, well, I’m going to be a great version of myself and be super loving and that person better do a back.

It’s like, not like that at all. It’s being the best version of ourselves for us. And for that relationship, if that person doesn’t reciprocate that that’s okay. We need to allow them to be, I, I firmly believe that we can’t make a change by demanding or telling somebody to be a certain way. We have to be the example.

We have to be the truth and we have to emulate love, and that’s how we’re able to affect, and to change other people and judging people. Again, something I’m working on every single day. Like it’s our initial reaction to judge people. But that, that, that, that does nothing good. It hurts us. It hurts them.

Like we’re the ones who are feeling that judgment, judgment is a negative emotion. And I’m not saying to not be aware of people and maybe who they’re being and how they’re acting, but we can be aware of them without judging them. There’s, there’s a separation. There’s a disconnect in that, right. Where we can be knowledgeable and aware of something without being emotionally invested into it and being worried and concerned and judging them.

There’s a huge difference there. And even just having that awareness has brought me such peace to be like, okay, cool. I can be aware of that, but not so inundated with my feelings and emotions and being attached to the outcome of how that person is supposed to be, or even that situation of how it’s supposed to.

Gissele: Yeah. You know, my husband and I talk about compassion. Well, he, more than me talks about compassion is allowing all things to be. and usually the conversations we have as well, should we allow child abuse to happen? Should we allow, you know, rapes to happen? And so, and I think that’s the challenge, the challenge for people then does that mean it’s apathetic.

But I think what he means is more around like what you mentioned, which is understanding that everyone is on their journey and understanding that ultimately we are all powerful beings who are making different decisions each time. And if we can hold people in that love vibration, and when, when we are challenged by someone sending ourselves and then others love that really kind of shifts the environment.

So when you said that, you know, in circumstances where we’re most challenged by people and in systems where we have, you know, a systems of punishment, or when people do something negative, like a crime and so on, sending those people more love is, is more critical than less love, right. Which is what we do.

and I think from my perspective, that’s the way we’re going to change the world. you mentioned, sorry, go ahead.

Justin: I, sorry. I just wanted to jump in on this really quickly. Yeah, of course we don’t stop something like that. By telling people to not rape, right. We stop it by creating a consciousness where rape doesn’t even exist.

Right. We, the best way to combat that in my mind is to be the light, right? It’s not like knowing that these things are happening, you know, and it’s not like turning a blind eye and just pretending like it doesn’t exist. Of course, of course it exists now in this consciousness, but it’s up to us to be the light, to be love every single day, because we can get to a place and exist in a consciousness where rape literally doesn’t exist in that reality.

Gissele: I, I completely agree with that. I had, I did a podcast with, a lady who came and talked about her experiences in, having, experiencing a sexual assault when she was on vacation. And how in that, in the moment when, cause she was kidnapped as well. So she didn’t know what was going to happen to her.

And she was talking about how in that moment, what she did is decided to lean in and love that person, in her experiences. And she wrote a book about it are so powerful because she talks about trying to understand that the systems we have created to address rape don’t really address these issues that we’re not really getting at the, why do people have this behavior?

Why do people do this in what do they need? and so what you said was spot on, and I invite the listeners to listen to that podcast as well. Cause it’s also powerful.

I. So she wrote this book

Gissele: called the Jaguar man. Yeah. And so actually, you know, what she does is she does, compassion, in jail.

She does compassion work in the jail system. She helps,bring greater compassion to the, To the inmates. and, and the book is so, so powerful. Like I, it’s one of my favorite podcasts. I mean, the audio is a little grainy. but, it just because it came in and out, but her message and the message from her book is just so beautiful.

you mentioned us all being God. And, I love this message because it’s something that I believe as well, but it can be, feel a little bit challenging. Right. from our perspective, we are all made from the divine and we all have divine abilities. And, and you know, like as long as we, when we align with our divinity, we are able to, we are unlimited.

but it’s hard to remember that other people are equally as divine. And I think that’s the challenge that we see. But, so how disempowering or empowering is it to perceive or to have pity for someone? because we do it a lot. I feel sorry for people and that’s, that’s our desire in wanting to help them.

Gissele: Right. I used to work in the child protection system. and so we would see a lot of families that were struggling and a lot of children that were struggling and. and the desire to assist in rescue is, is there, but it’s hard to watch somebody suffer, and just ignore it. So what are your thoughts on, on helping others, but also seeing them in the light of the divinity?

Justin: So I, that is the challenge and I just wrote that down. People are equally divine and that is something I struggle with sometimes for sure. And thank you for that reminder, because it is true. It’s like someone who is suffering or, or down or low, or again, rude to us, it’s like, they just forgot their divinity.

That’s it. They just forgot. They just need to remember again, who they truly are and that’s okay. We’ve all forgotten. I forgotten that so many times, you know what I mean? And it’s like in that knowing of, they literally just forgot and so. It’s like, we have to have compassion for those people and an understanding and an acceptance of who they are.

And that’s something really every day when somebody, you know, is quote unquote, or if someone’s being low vibrational or, just not being the light, being more of the darkness. It is a challenge in that moment to be like, you are actually, you are God, you are divinity. it is. And it’s, it really, it’s something to be.

It’s something to be worked on every single day. And when we stumble and fail at it, that’s okay too. If our awareness is there and we, and we every day get better and better and better at it, that’s really all that we can ask for. So when we’re like trying to help somebody who is suffering and who is low, it’s like having that compassion and empathy for them because you’ve also been there.

Yeah, right. You are one in the same. We are all literally the same. So knowing that can help you in that moment, right. Knowing that you’ve been there as well. And when you were there, all you wanted was empathy and compassion and love from somebody else. So if that’s what you wanted, when you were at that person’s space and place right now.

Well then at least for me, it makes it easier for me to, to be able to give that to that person and just reminding every ourselves, every single day of our divinity and knowing that because of our divinity, everyone else has the same. That can be helpful in, just seeing the good in others. It’s like, we, it is so important to always see the good.

And now when I see somebody who’s like screaming or mad, it’s literally just like, it’s okay. You’re just, you’re, you’re a little unconscious at the moment. You’re just not fully conscious. And I can feel myself now when I start to become unconscious . We’re starting to get caught up in something and I lose myself and I’m so attached to the outside situation of what’s happening and not actually internally who I am as a soul.

So those realizations too can help us because it’s like, oh wow, okay. This realization of me losing my consciousness, it’s like, okay, that’s just, what’s happening in another person. And again, they need our love. They need our compassion. It’s like when somebody is acting in that way, that is literally in a sense, a cry for help.

Like they don’t even know that they’re doing it, but it’s literally them crying. It’s, it’s, it’s an, it’s an outward expression of help because I know when I’ve been there before, too, I’m like, that’s what that is. Even though it comes off like nasty and like really negative it’s, but that is the call.

Because again, they couldn’t be nasty negative if they were in a good state of being right. So it’s like all these little things that when we can remember them, Time and time again. And we’ll forget about these two, but when we can remember them, it’s like, okay, that person is divine as well. And that person is beautiful as well.

They are a part of God, just as much as I am.

Gissele: Yeah. Thank you so much for that. again, we go back to, it’s important to give ourselves that, which we need in order for us to be able to see that in other people. I had a bit of an a ha moment when you were speaking. you know, cause when you were talking about those that are hurtful and you know, when you think about people that commit crimes and you know, like all of these do all these horrible things.

and when you, you, when you mentioned the comment that we are one, I immediately thought to myself, oh my gosh, the reason why we divide and separate and isolate is because we don’t want to see that in ourselves. We don’t want to realize that we all have the ability to be able to do that. We are all. We can either all be hurtful, horrible people, or we can choose to be loving and compassionate.

Gissele: And so the reason we separate and isolate is because we don’t want to believe that they are not us, but they are us. And so that is why it makes it, it’s so hard to really look at ourselves and really to see who, who we could be. and so I was thinking about that when you were talking and I thought, oh wow, that’s a, yeah, that’s an ugly mirror.

Justin: It is. That’s so true. When we see that nastiness nastiness, it’s like, oh, I want nothing to do with that. Oh my gosh. Like, right. Because that’s wow. Beautiful point. Just how we see ourselves in that person. And it kind of scares us. Yeah. But we have to be strong in our vibration and know that that is not who we are right now.

And we can actually be the light and helping this. Yeah. and something to, I just, I, I, I want to touch on, because this is a radical thought and I think it’s just important to be addressed, kind of head-on going back to the person that, that has committed rape. We shouldn’t act like that didn’t happen.

We shouldn’t condone that behavior in any way, shape or form, but we need to understand that that person is very hurt and they are suffering because if they weren’t, there’s no way they could ever commit an act like that. If you’re in a place of love, rape does not exist in your reality. Again, like it can’t happen.

So when we can take a higher step back and maybe look from a, like a God consciousness of that person, their life, maybe they were raped when they were younger over and over again. Maybe they had a family member who abused them. Maybe they went through insanely difficult situations. Which has created them to act this way.

Again, making it super clear, not condoning that action, but just having more understanding for this suffering soul who needs our love, like our system. Now, someone does that. We throw them in jail, we throw away the key. That’s not how we help each other at all. That’s not how we solve this problem in any way, shape or form just by, you know, just regarding this person and act like they don’t even exist.

It’s understanding that they are in insane amounts of pain and they need our guidance. They need us to be the light. That’s the only way they can shift out of that being. Right. Because we don’t want them to be that way. They don’t want to be that way. And that’s how we can shift them away from that.

you know, we say a truly empowered people don’t need to disempower other people.

Gissele: And, you know, the, that act is, is an attempt to disempower. but when your empowerment comes from within, you don’t need other people to fill your bucket, you can fill your bucket in and attract what it is that you desire. The other thing we talk about, is that since you mentioned, us being kind of divine and being in God is that we are creators.

So I have a little bit of a leaning question for you, which is if we are creators of our reality, how are we, how are we creating those negative things that we are attracting to ourselves?

Justin: Yeah. So we are creators of our reality. We just are, we totally create our reality. So when we attract negative things to ourselves, it’s because we’re thinking negatively, we might, we might not even know it.

Right. And sometimes like any, and this is to really kind of being in your face. Everyone’s facing a moment, but in a good way, in an empowering, I love you so much sort of a way. Right. The negative things that you have that have showed up in your life, you brought those, you created those things, and I know that’s challenging and hard to hear.

And it was hard for me to hear that in the beginning too. I’m like, I didn’t want this. What do you, how, how could I brought this into my life? But it’s, it’s our subconscious thoughts. A lot of the time that are bringing those thoughts and bringing those experiences into our life. It’s like a lot of times, and I was forever.

We’re on autopilot. We’re unconscious. It’s our ego that just takes over. We’re not having actually logical internal thoughts. We’re just going with the waves and the movements of what’s around us. And when we’re kind of stuck in that, we’re not really aware of our thoughts. And I wasn’t aware of my thoughts forever.

I read a book that started talking about that and I almost turned it off because I was like, what are you talking about? I literally was getting so frustrated. I’m like, what does this even mean? Like, there’s another voice in me that my ego that has actually taking. 99% of the control. And it’s true, but it’s like in those unconscious thoughts, cause our unconscious, we don’t even realize are happening.

Like, ah, I’m not good enough. I’m not worthy of this. This can happen. How can I get that promotion? They’re like quick little thoughts that we don’t even realize how powerful they are, but those are the things that are bringing those experiences into our lives. So it’s really, really important to be intentional with our thoughts, our thoughts, our energy.

So when we have thoughts, it’s been proven it’s energy that goes out into the universe and connects and meshes and mold with everything else. And it’s the law of attraction, the things that we think about and believe those are the things that are drawn to us. So again, we are having these negative self-loathing disbelieving thoughts, a lot of the times without even really noticing what we’re doing.

So when those things show up in our life, like how did this get here? Yeah. But it’s because over and over and over again, we’ve continued to have these thoughts. So again, it’s very, very important to be intentional with your thoughts. To think positively to be grateful for things to have a mindset of abundance.

And instead of, instead of lack, to choose love over fear as often as we can, and we can choose it every single time, but it’s just up to us to make that choice. So that’s something I practice gratitude every day. I do positive affirmations every single day. I focus on the energy of love every single day.

And it’s like being intentional with our thoughts because that is the energy that’s being projected out into the universe. And what we give is what we get and the thoughts that we have, it’s the law of attraction. It’s just the way that it is. Those things are going to be brought to us. So I, I implore everybody to, to be, be super, super intentional with your thoughts, because they’re really important.

And they really matter because your thoughts turn into your words, turn into your actions, turn into your habits. They turn into who you are. So they are very, very important because that is truly what creates our reality.

Gissele: Yeah, absolutely agreed. and you mentioned a key thing, which is choice. We have to choose every day to do that.

since you mentioned law of attraction, I’ll share something. That’s interesting. one of the things that I learned was that, you know, it’s so hard to get rid of those negative thoughts. And the reason being is because of law of attraction. So negative thoughts as you’re thinking it needs, you’re giving it.

Gissele: Energy and attention, it kind of gains momentum and they don’t want it’s against momentum is a whole bunch of negative thoughts come to you. And so it’s so hard to shift out of also, that’s what you have to work like at, in choose to have loving and positive thoughts. And once you’re in that momentum, then the positive thoughts start to come, but it’s hard to get your head around.

I mean, I, I suffered from anxiety for a long time and it’s just so hard. Once you go down that kind of rabbit hole to kind of get yourself out in a, had to kind of reprogram my brain, so to speak to S to start. And I started with positive affirmations, just, okay. You know what? The, the world is loving. The world is compassionate.

People are not out to hurt me. So yeah. It’s very powerful.

Justin: Yes. And it’s like, when you have a negative thought, think again. Yeah. You know what I mean? And I know it’s not easy, but still think again, change your. Yeah, right when you’re just like, ah, again, I’m not good at this. I’m beating like beating yourself up over and over and over again.

And you’re so right. We get caught in that loop. But like you said too, the beautiful thing is that when we think positively, when we think love, when we think all these beautiful emotions and we also can, we get caught in those as well and, really to break yourself out of that it is work, but it’s like the most beautiful best work that you could ever do.

It is so incredibly worth it. When you start to have negative thoughts, think again, and it might take you time. It might take you hours. It could take you days. It could take you weeks to have that new thought, but keep doing it and keep trying. And don’t beat yourself up when you fail, when you get caught in these negative loops and it’s been three days, don’t add on to that negativity by you beating yourself up.

How many times we do that. And it’s kind of like our first instinct, but it just hurts us so much more. And it’s something that I want to just share this experience, because this is just, it’s just, it’s proof how true it is when we change our thoughts, that that really becomes our reality. So I, I have a gratitude practice.

I, on the page, I did 365 days of gratitude where every single day I posted one thing that I was grateful for. And even before I did that, I had my, I had a gratitude practice. And then, so I did that for a year. And then during that though, I would post once a day, but I still continued my gratitude practice and I’m still doing it today.

My graduate practice is that, in the morning I have a bracelet that I put on. And then when I put it on, I think about what I’m grateful for. It simply reminds me to focus on what I’m grateful for. Then at night, when I take it off, it’s the same purpose. It is simply there to remind me of what I am grateful for.

And then also when I meditate each day, I focus again on what I’m grateful for, but everybody, I feel the feelings of this gratitude. I don’t just say, you know, I’m grateful that my mom is alive, that I have a mom and I move on. I think about my relationship with my mom and how I just saw her and how beautiful that was now caring and loving.

She is in a beautiful emotions. I feel from having her in my life. And then, so I practice gratitude to like that. And now what has happened, which is remarkable. I did not know this was going to happen in practice and gratitude. Gratitude is seeped into my subconscious gratitude is just who I am now. So many times I don’t even have to think and look, and search for gratitude.

It just shows up and it just appears to me. So in like a tough situation, my mind just instantly goes, okay, like deal with this, be in this, but where can you, where’s our gratitude? Where can I be grateful for the situation? And that is a massive life-changing paradigm. Yeah, because we’re turning negative situations into ones of gratitude.

And once we can be positive about them and have those emotions and feel those energies, as opposed to the latter, as opposed to the negative, as opposed to feeling down, and that literally changes everything, it changes your entire life. So when we are, like you said before, Gissele so perfectly when we are thinking these things over and over again, we do get caught in that loop.

How do you want to be caught in a loop of positivity and love or one of negativity? Right? So practicing those things are so important because they start to seep into our subconscious and they become who we.

Gissele: Yeah, absolutely. Thank you for sharing your gratitude, practice with, with all of us. I really felt it, it was really, really lovely.

and, and it’s so funny because you know, the more that we are grateful, the more better things kind of attract to us to be grateful for. Right. yeah. So, it’s,I love the practice of gratitude. It helps us see that there is so much more to be grateful for. you know, you had mentioned mindfulness before, you know, as you were walking to and fro, your work.

and it’s so funny when you start to really practice, you start to really gain an awareness of all the beautiful things that are around that you normally miss when you’re in fear, you kind of get stuck in this tunnel vision where your world is like this small, but as you start to practice being more present, you kind of the whole world just kind of opens, which is, I think

Justin: incredible.

It really is. And I, what I want to say too, I think it’s really important to know that like gratitude and love that’s who we are, that’s who we are. So even when I was saying, it’s like, you know, I practice gratitude every day, that seeped into my subconscious and that is who I, I become who I am. I was already that I just forgot.

I was already, it’s like all these things, gratitude, love. Those are not anything outside of who we are. It’s within us. It’s nothing we have to search and strive for and look outward. It’s already here. It’s just remembering. And in practicing that every day, it’s like, this is who I am. It aligns and resonates with me so much as my truth.

And it’s not something that I had to go and get. It was always here. I just, luckily. Finally remembered.

Gissele: Yeah. Thank you for mentioning that. cause you know, from our perspective, You know, like you mentioned in what you said, it just is so powerful because love is who we are loving compassion are, who we are.

So really learning to learning, to love yourself. It’s really an unlearning, an unlearning of all the horrible things we have learned about that. We’re not worthy that we are only lovable.

And that’s what we had learned, right? Like, you know, you only lovable if you get good grades, you’re only lovable if you do this or if you achieve, or if you do this or if you will love me back. and so it’s an unlearning of all of the. Messages and really going to the true core of yourself. You mentioned that intuition was something that you, I mean, you need, I don’t think you use the word intuition, but you started to listen to yourself more in terms of like, you know, oh, I, I really feel like this is what I need to do.

Can you talk a little bit about how to tap into that intuition so that people can start listening to that more loving voice?

Justin: Yeah. So it is by bringing your attention inward a huge way that has helped me do that is meditating. Yoga also is a beautiful practice and it’s meditation that has really, really helped me stop looking so outward all the time and bring my attention inward because when we bring our attention inward, we’re more aligned.

And in tune with who we are, we’re just more aware of our thoughts. And when we’re more aware of our thoughts, we have more of a choice of who we want to be and how we want to show. So it’s like realizing that I was gratitude was practicing it, you know? And that’s a big part of it too. It’s like they, they go hand in hand, it’s like the inward awareness and also practicing things.

And in that practice, it just did it, it reminded me every single day because like the beautiful emotions of love and kindness and gratitude and empathy and compassion and forgiveness, the reason why those feel so good is because it’s who we are literally. You know what I mean? It’s like, we feel so high vibrational when, when we express those things and it’s because it’s us connecting to our godliness.

Like, that’s why it feels amazing. And that’s why depression and fear feel so bad because we’re detaching from who we really, really are.

Gissele: That’s right. We are out of alignment.

Justin: We are exactly. Yeah. We are out of alignment with our truth

Gissele: alignment with ourselves

Justin: And you’re so right Gisselel, I like, it’s a lot of unlearning. We’ve been programmed to love conditionally and that kind of stems also from a God who we feel like loves us conditionally as well. You know, there’s religions at and to each their own.

It’s all love for everybody. I want to make that super clear. but the, you know, there’s certain religions too that say, God judges you, and he should be feared. And I, and if that’s your belief again, I love you, my belief. And I’m not saying my belief is right. It’s just, my belief is that God loves us unconditionally.

He loves us exactly how we are, no matter what.

Gissele: Yeah, you mentioned, Neale, Donald wash. And one of the things he says, is that, our concept of God is wrong, right? Like what we believe God to be and who we believe, you know, what our role with God is, is, is totally wrong. And we’ve had this kind of misconception, and I think we’ve made this God out there instead of it coming through the divinity within, and we’ve made this kind of, a punitive punishing God, which is why probably we act in the way that we do in the world with each other.


Justin: yeah, so it’s like, God, our view of God kind of got a little disoriented because we’re human. We placed our insecurities and our limiting beliefs on our God. Right. It’s like, we can’t love each other unconditionally. So like how could our God love each other unconditionally? So it just that’s okay.

We’re just, we’re humans, you know what I mean? It’s just like, we just kind of assume that God figures things out the way that we do. And I’m not like God’s not a he or she like, God, doesn’t in that way. And that’s really important too. It’s like, God is within us. Again are like, we are a God. So when we look at God as outside of ourselves, as this other being who needs to be worshiped and praised, and we need to be an exact certain way in order to receive that, God’s love to me.

That’s just detrimental to who we are and connecting to our oneness and connecting to our godliness. Because when we look at it outside of ourselves, well then how could it be within us? And in that way, we kind of give our power away to something else when all the power and truth, is with him. Yeah.

Gissele: Yeah. And, and that’s so true. one of the things I had to realize for myself is how much I was giving my way, my power to other people. And that was really like, whether somebody loved me determine whether I was lovable or how I felt about myself or whether I was happy or not. I was always constantly looking for someone to tell me what to do or to tell me how to feel or, and so it really is when you step up into your own power and you realize that you are powerful beyond.

What is told or what you believe you start to not get as bothered by the world and by the things and the divisions and stuff, you kind of see it us. And not that I’m perfect or that we’re perfect. I mean, we’re, we’re like, you were like, you know, like every day it’s a choice. Okay. What am I choosing or how I go on into the rabbit hole of, of kind of what this division and all of these different emotions that people are feeling right now?

Or am I the observer? Am I, or am I really observing and just really sending love, where, where I can. so that’s, that was a really good point.

Justin: Hmm. And it’s like that, sorry, you go, no, go ahead. I was going to say that was beautiful. The observer being the observer, right? It’s not saying that these things don’t exist.

You know, that the troubles in the world don’t exist, but it’s observing them. It is being aware of them without being emotionally attached to. Right. And that gives our power away when we are emotionally attached to something, if we can be aware of something’s happening, but we don’t have to be engulfed in it and have it bring down our vibration.

Like again, literally be the light.

Gissele: Yeah. And we can’t help anybody. We can’t help anybody when we are in the emotion. Like quite it’s, that’s one of the things that in the compassion work that we do, it’s a kin to you’re on a boat, on a lake and you’re seeing somebody drowning, like when you go into the emotions, you jumping in the lake to save them.

Right. You’re both drowning now, but if you can stay in your power and stay in that detached. Right. And, and, and, and, and I know I’m saying it kind of like, you know, as if I, I know I’ve, I’ve struggled with this and my husband and I have endless conversations about like, you know, he’s like be the detach and I’m like, look at them.

They’re like the suffering. I love my brothers and sisters are suffering, but really when you are able to hold space for yourself and see it from the place of. That without judgment, allowing things to be, then you’re in a position to be able to be that loving light and remind people of their own power rather than rescuing them.

and I know from experience because I used to have my, my little a Cape or one is a rescue people, and now I don’t do that anymore. I don’t think so. Something I have myself I struggled with, so.

Justin: Uh, that’s so true, me too. And thank you for being so open and vulnerable in that. we, right. It’s important to empower people, not fix things for them to let them know that you are insanely powerful and you could do this on your own and you nailed it.

It’s like if someone’s suffering in down or screaming at us, is it going to help? If we scream back at them? No, it’s not. Is it gonna help? If we scream back them and say, you gotta do it this way, this is how you’re supposed to be. What are you feeling so sad about this? It’s like, no, that doesn’t. We get dragged down in it as well.

It is taking a step back and literally again, being loved, being there for that person, being the calm energy that they actually need so they can see, it’s like, wow, how are you emulating this sort of energy right now to go, okay, well that’s possible, I guess, right. That exists. And that’s something that I can do as well.

It is empowering each other. Not doing it for them.

Gissele: Yeah. It’s reminding each other of our own abilities and yeah. Oh,

Justin: so good. Right. In the best way for people to be reminded of that is for us to be that without dictating or telling them that’s like so important. Every, I think just think everything in life, right?

All the change that we want, all the kindness and love that we want. It’s not demanding it amongst people. It’s just, I don’t believe. I just don’t believe that’s what it is at all. Like the cancel culture, all these things, it’s not demanding and saying that you’re wrong. It’s being the best versions of ourselves so that those people can see.

And that’s. So when we’re being the best versions of ourselves and we’re being love again, it’s energy that goes out, it is a consciousness that we are changing and shifting.

Gissele: Yeah. Thank you for mentioning the cancel culture. I struggled with the cancel culture until I realized, and I learned this from someone else.

and that is in the beginning. I was like, oh, we can’t be canceling people. That’s really not, you know, like that’s not really going to help us come together. And then I realized that this is how some people are really, this is like, This is how they’re showing love for themselves. Like there’s been this group of people that has been marginalized.

Gissele: Right? And so let me, let me walk through this stuff. There’s been a group of people that have been marginalized for so long and for so long, they were down in there for so long. They had kind of had this voice, but it wasn’t heard. And now there’s this collective rage. There’s like this rage that is like, I have been put down for so long now it’s time for me to go.

Right. And it comes from love for themselves, but really ultimately it’s really, the perception is to balance out the energies of like, well, this has been, this group has been now. We’re kind of balancing it out. So it comes from a place of love. It’s just not done in a very loving ways. I guess people don’t realize that they don’t have to cancel people that in fact, the more that you would lean in with people, the more that you are going to remind people of their own love and compassion.

I follow this guy called Darryl Davis. Have you heard of him? he

Justin: is, oh my God. Yes. Yeah, go ahead. I was thinking about that story. I love

Gissele: him. I’ve been dying to get him on the podcast, but I will one day that’s my manifestation. And he, I have his book called KKKlandestine relationships. This book is really hard to try because they don’t have haven’t made any more.

and I, I do know that he’s coming out with a new version, but they don’t, they haven’t made him. So I have to track down this book and in it, he talks about how he’s, he’s a black musician who for a very long time, even when he was little, when he faced racism, really wanted to understand. Why do, why do people hate me?

Gissele: Like, why do white people dislike me? Like, what’s, what’s what the racism, I don’t understand it. And so he went around to talk to different KKK groups, to different KKK leaders. And he did it from a place not of like fear or anger. It was just from, he gave respect. And he’s gotten a lot of flack from the black community, not a lot, but some flack from the black community around doing that.

But he just sat across from them and said, why do you hate me? You don’t even know me. And so in, in those conversations, he managed to get them to change their change, your heart and mind. Many of them left (the KKK). They gave him their robes. And that’s really one of the main examples that I have seen of people actually leaning into each other, learning and then shifting.

But why don’t we do more of that? You think.

Justin: It’s harder. Right? So he, he converted over 300 KKK members out of the KKK. Like what, what, what a human being, what a beautiful soul. I cannot even imagine the strength it takes to do that. I have no idea. I’m not pretending to know, but like what immense strength.

And I would say, as we were talking, this was the, I was going to bring up that example. So aligned. That was perfect. Like racism is something right? None of us want none of us. Well, some of us do, but the majority of us don’t want racism. And that is something we all, I think most of us can agree. We want to rid this world of, yeah.

I firmly believe we don’t read this world of racism by screaming back at the person that’s racism, by telling them to go F themselves, that they’re terrible. And they’re a piece of shit and all of these bad things. And just going back out that person, that’s not how we’re going to rid this world of racism.

Yeah, we need to be louder than racism, our love and compassion and commitment and oneness with each other needs to be louder than the racists. Those people are going to exist again. I’m not saying to ignore them, like they don’t exist. Inspirational world. It’s like, yes, they, right. It’s like they exist, but stop giving our attention to them.

Because when we go at them hard and tough, we are putting more energy into the idea into the idea of racism. We are, we’re fueling the fire of racism, right? Like Darryl. Oh my gosh. Like what an example of that, did he convert these people from a place of hate and fear into a place of love, by screaming at them and saying how much he disagrees with them and how much he hates them for being who they are?

No, he did it with love and compassion and empathy.

Gissele: So she never uses any of those words in his book. He talks about respect, but respect is a type it’s love and compassion. It absolutely is. He talks about it from a place of respect, which to him was really, really important. It was important for him to feel respect.

And he also, he gave what he wanted from them, which is respect and he didn’t judge them. And he actually didn’t go to these rallies. Hoping to change them, like his intent. Wasn’t like, I’m going to go see Justin and I’m going to tell him just so that he knows what a great guy I am. So he doesn’t, he was just like, what’s happening for you?

Just like, I’m just trying to understand because, and then part of the books, they talk about some of the arguments that they would have and some of the arguments that people would have back about specifically about racialized people. And he would say, okay, that, okay, but what about this? And in that dialogue, he started to see kind of the wheels turning, but his intent was never, I’m going to get all these people to leave that KKK clan. .

It was, he just only sought to understand. And from our perspective, understanding is a key to compassion because once you understand somebody’s story, then you can actually feel with them and be with them and love them. Right?

Justin: Yep. It just like it’s, it was a pureness in him and doing it without expectations is incredible.

And, and before you were at, you were asking too, it’s like, why. Why do we attack more? Right? Why do we, and honestly, cause it’s, it’s harder. It’s easier just to come back at that person because it’s like, because we think it’s like, you are filled with hate and I hate you for that. And I’m mad at you and I have negative emotions and feelings and that’s like, it kind of hits us first and it’s just easier to feel that way.

That’s why like kindness and love. Those are strengths. It’s like whoever said kindness as a weakness, I totally got it wrong. And unfortunately, a lot of us believed it, but it’s not true. It’s not true. That kindness takes massive strength because the other is just way easier. Oh, absolutely.

I’m cognizant of the time all this, this has been such an amazing conversation.

Gissele: I did want to ask you about the stories you’re sharing on your Instagram. I absolutely love the stories that you share about kindness. And from my perspective is, you know, not to judge the media, I mean, they’re doing the best they can, everyone is, but there’s a lot of attention and hence energy on negative stories and in feeding the fear and division.

And what I feel that your work does is actually balances it out. And like you said, your stories, the things you shed on it on your Instagram page, the things you share on your site, and even in the clothing that you sell, what you’re trying to do is you’re going to, you’re changing the dialogue. You’re changing the energy.

You’re reminding us that this world is not as it is perceived by the media. That is this small part group of us. And, and so I just want to say, what do you get your stories and, and like in what are your favorite ones.

Justin: So, well thank you for just even asking about that, because to me it is so important to show the other narrative to show the other side, because everybody, the media, the news, it is designed to separate us and divide us. It, it just is just watch the news next time with that thought in your mind of the awareness of, Hey, are, you know, is what I’m receiving right now seem like it’s trying to separate us and it’s, couldn’t be clearer, right?

So I know that love and kindness, joy, happiness, all of these incredible people, they exist. They do exist. It’s just, unfortunately the media doesn’t really show that much of it and it just is what it is. Right. It’s not even like, can we get so mad at it? Like, no, if he’s getting mad at it, what does that do for us?

Right. Let’s put our energy into the law and to the good that’s happening, not into the crappy media and what they’re portraying. Right. And it’s like, we all, should we choose what reality we want to live in? Like, do you want to live in the reality of people hating each other and division? Or do you want to live in the reality of also what’s happening where people care about each other and love each other and are kind and do things for each other without asking for anything in return.

Like that exists in my mind and more than the negativity exists, like by far. And it’s really just, what do we want to focus on? So like, that was like one of the biggest goals. It’s like, I want to show people that these things exist because they can exist. But if we don’t know about them or see about see them or hear them, then we kind of don’t know that they exist.

So it’s just bringing the awareness to people that there are so many beautiful people out there. And the people who we deem as like not beautiful or negative, they’re just suffering.

Justin: They’re just in a tough place. Then they need our love again, the most, and the videos that I post, right. We just, and that is a challenging, challenging thought. And it’s something, again, I work on every single day and I don’t always succeed at it. I really don’t where there’s somebody who is not being nice.

And I am showing love for that person because in the understanding that they’re just hurting and when I was hurting, I wanted, I needed love. I didn’t need someone to be mean back to me or rude back to me. I really needed a love to break me out of that negative, train of thought and that vibration, that.

So the videos are the ones that we post are just like ones that really, really resonated with me. They’re ones that just connect with my soul. It’s interesting. It’s like I see a video and it’s like, yep. This is what I believe in. And this is me and who I am. And like, it’s just a message that I do want to share with the world.

And we get a lot of videos from people sending them to us. also with the algorithm of Instagram, what you focus on, they will give you more of so right. If you’re focusing on like the good news sites, sites, like spread love movements, tank’s good news. Upworthy love them. The power positivity, global positivity news.

If you focus on those, on those handles, that’s what you’ll see more. But if you focus on the other stuff , well, then that’s also what you’ll see more of. So for me, because that’s what I focus on in my explore page, I see a lot of those videos. So that’s also where I get a lot of the content from too is because they’re just videos that are brought to me because that is what I’m focusing on in Instagram.

And it’s like the world we live in, it’s like, what we focus on is what we get, you know what I mean? And it’s the same with the algorithm. It’s the same thing. Yeah. And the video is I just, you know, they, they’re really, again, the most important thing is that they are showing these aspects that exists in the world.

They’re, they’re showing the goodness in people. It is everywhere and we need to see it, to know that it exists, like one of the best, you know, comments at that. I get on the page a lot and people are like, thank you for showing me. That it’s not just what’s in the media. Like thank you so much for showing the positivity in the world.

Like I needed this. Cause all I ever see is a negative. And when that’s all that we see, we think that is the world that we live in. We are creators. We think that that is our reality that we live in because that’s what we’re seeing. That’s, what’s going into our mind. That’s what’s coming out in our actions and when that’s in our being, that’s what we’re going to just see more.

It just is the way that it is. So when we can be knowledgeable and see these beautiful acts of kindness and just these incredible people showing up for one another, it just lets us know in real form that these things exist all around us.

Gissele: It’s such a great reminder that this is who we truly are. I had read a study on compassion and he was talking about how, there was a group, they had separated people into groups and they were trying to figure out who is more likely to be more compassionate than other. And they had one group in particular where they told them ahead of time, or a really super compassionate person just reminded me of those people.

Were the people, because a lot of people worry that if I’m too compassionate, I’m not going to have enough resources. Those people were really the people that worked at w were to help without even question. And so it’s just a reminder that this is really who we are, that we have all the resources, everything that we need, that we’re not going to be spent or overwhelmed.

And it really starts with us. It really starts with giving ourselves that first so that we can just have this overflow that we can constantly give to others. And your website is an amazing reminder of that every day we are giving to each other. So I’m grateful for that.

Justin: Thank you. I appreciate

Gissele: that. No worries.

and I just wanted to last question, what do you want to share with the audience that you’re working on? what do you, where do you want them to come and find you, ID I’m wearing you one of your shirts, which I love, so tell the audience where they can find you in a little bit more about,

Justin: yeah, that’s awesome.

Thank you. So I’m on Instagram and Tik ToK. our, our biggest following on Instagram, it is @spreadlovemovement_, and TikTok, it is @spreadlovemovement. So go there. And literally, as I say this, it’s like, don’t go there for me. Go there for you to be quite honest. I don’t care if you follow or not.

If you are, they’re just taking in this content. That’s all that matters. Right. It’s not it’s really, to me, it is. It’s not really about the following. It’s like if you’re not a follower, quote, unquote follower, but you are part of this movement. You are bringing this into your life every single day and raising your vibration.

That is what is most important. And, also the podcast. so we have a podcast it’s called the spread love movement, podcast episodes, new ones come out every Tuesday and Thursday, it’s available on apple podcasts and Spotify as well. the store, the apparel store where you can get tank tops and hoodies, and t-shirts all with messages of love on them.

It’s www.spreadlovemovement.co. And one of the things I’m really, I get really excited about what the clothing is because we can walk around with these shirts or tanks or, or hoodies on and be the emulation of love. It’s like just when you wear that shirt that says Love on it, when people see that they instantly think of love, love, love, love, love, and like that creates that energy.

So that it’s like the whole purpose of the store is so that we can walk around and people can see us instantly and have these higher vibrations and have these feelings of love. There’s a shirt on there that says kindness is cool. So those things are just really fun. Also on the site, whenever you have, whenever you purchase anything, we donate to the charity of your choice on your behalf.

It’s not you donating. We are taking the profits, some of the profits and we’re donating to it. It’s really cool how it works. there’s a bunch of organizations and nonprofits that you can select from, if you can’t find one that you want, there are different categories. So there’s like five different categories that are like.

helping the impoverished or social justice or women’s rights, where if you pick one of those, it spreads that donation amongst a bunch of, of those different charities and organizations. and then things that we have coming up. So something I’m really, really excited about is I have a morning routine and gratitude, meditation, yoga.

Justin: Those are all massive parts of my morning routine. And my morning routine has helped me tremendously. I like can’t even tell people how much that morning routine is, what sets me up for the day. It’s what sets me up to be in a positive mood. It’s what sets me up to see gratitude instead of negativity, it sets me up to feel love instead of fear, it is remarkable.

It’s changed my life drastically. So what I’m doing is I’m creating courses for people and I will be sharing my morning routine,so that people can take with it from, you know, what they want. My goal is to help people in so many ways. This morning routine is, has taken me years to develop. And it’s something that I’m making it super easy to digest and take in.

And I promise you if it is something that you follow your life will change so much for the better, so that will be coming out. So that will be coming out soon. I’ll be releasing that in the next few. Also, I, I’m going to be creating an online community using, an app like discord, something like that, where it can literally be just a beautiful community of support and love for each other.

There’ll be different categories of like good news. They’ll be different categories of just like sharing something good that happened to you that day, to people who are. Or suffering and being open and vulnerable so that we can feel the support from the community. We can be there for one another. And that’s something I’m so excited about because I understand how impactful that can be for people and how much that can help and how much it’ll even show us even more that we’re not alone here, that there are so many people out there who care about us.

So many people out there who are emulating love every single day. so that’s another thing. One other thing too. that’s coming out and this is while they were like years, I was like, how can I help? What can I do? And all of a sudden, all of a sudden, very recently I’ve been in like such the abundance mindset and all of these beautiful ideas of how I can help people.

I’ve been coming to me every Thursday. I do a mastermind group, and. It’s just an open space. It’s totally vulnerable. there’s no judgment there. we talk about the energy of love, how impactful it can be. We talk about being the best versions of ourselves, how we can do that every single day, so we can change the vibration and frequency of the planet and the consciousness.

And then, so I’m going to start groups like that, with other people as well. So just offering that to people where it’ll be something where like every week, maybe there’ll be 15 of us in a mastermind group, it’ll be two hours over 10 weeks. And we talk about all these things. We talk about how literally for, we talk about forgiveness and how important and impactful that can be, about gratitude, about not fearing, not fearing death.

That is a massive one. So creating all of these, these different things, just to be able to touch and reach as many people as possible and help people live a life that is more. life where they’re happier and feel more joy and are surrounded and come from a place of love more often. So just being able to, you know, give that gift to people and just help people.

I see how much it’s helped me and change my life and how just beautiful life can be, when we’re kind and loving to each other. and just helping people also get to that state of being where they can, they can do the same.

Gissele: Oh, what a great way to end life can be beautiful. It can be great for everyone.

Absolutely. Thank you so much, Justin, for being on the show. It was so amazing. Check out Justin. His Instagram his TikTok, as well as his website for some beautiful merchandise in loving merchandise. and join us again for another episode of the Love and Compassion podcast soon. Thank you so much.

Justin: You’re amazing.

oh my gosh. How beautiful you are.

Gissele: Thank you.

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