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In this session, you will explore some definitions of unconditional love for self and for others and what has shaped some of our societal understanding of what love is. You will also explore how self love is associated with our abundance, health, relationships and all the good in our lives.

You will also learn through Gissele’s story about her lack of self love manifested in her life as well as learn 3 tools you can start using today to help you tap into your own self love.

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Reimagining Work
by: Gissele Damiani-Taraba

Are you tired of the grind? Are you tired of suffering at work and wished there was a better way to align to the life of your dreams?

The great resignation and the quiet quitting phenomenon have given us an indication that workplaces need to change. The time is now to choose whether we want to go back to the old ways or whether we desire to reimagine how we work.  By changing how we show up in life and in our work, we can ultimately alter the way we attract abundance into our lives.   

With this book, you will be able to:

  • Understand how work came to look the way it does
  • Reflect on messaging from your parents about work and about money
  • Learn how to transform your challenging workplace experiences into the gifts they bring
  • Learn about the relationship between self love and your ability to live your dreams
  • Understand how to have difficult conversations that do not leave either side disengaged and more distant
  • Learn to live from a place of flow instead of force
  • Understand how to bring more of your true self at work
  • Learn about true power and mastery
  • And open yourselves up to the magic that life can offer you every single day.

By reclaiming your own power through changing how you think and feel about work, and treating yourself with compassion and love through your most difficult moments, you can begin to align to more abundant, joyful, loving and aligned workplaces and life.

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This is a free guide to the book Reimagining Work: From Suffering at Work to Creating a More Loving, Compassionate, Abundant and Spiritually Aligned Life. 

This guide includes the heart stretches from each chapter and includes space to write down your thoughts.  As an added bonus, I include two amazing stories that were not included in the book.