"Teach to learn or learn to teach.
Is there a difference?"

                                          -David Taraba

Research and Resources

Help Make a Difference

At Maitri , we use evidence based approaches.  Research on compassion and love is still at its infancy and we need your support in order to understand what the barriers and facilitators to unconditional love and compassion.  We are asking each of you to complete this 17min survey on what you believe the barriers are to creating  more loving world.

Current Research

1. Compassion in Child Protection: Check out the amazing results from our study on Exploring Compassion in Child Protection.  You can download a copy of the thesis below:


Check out Gissele’s gold medal winner work!

2. Compassion in Social Work. New Study: Compassion in Social Work.  In association with Laurier University, Maitri Centre is                      conducting a Canada-wide study on compassion in child protection.  REB approval # 6825.

If you are a social worker in Canada, click on the link below to complete our 20 minute survey. Goal is 10,000 respondents.

Compassion in social work survey

Also check out my Research Gate page:


Our Research Interests

Compassion in the workplace; Outcomes of increased self-love; compassion and wellness, compassion towards those who are hurtful. Unconditional love. 

Please note that we value confidentiality and support the highest standards of research ethics when conducting any research.   We will treat all of your information respectfully and confidentially always!