Love for our podcast...

"For anyone going through an emotionally challenging time, a period of life change or in search of self discovery, I highly recommend listening to this podcast. It's long but the fact that I listened to it from start to finish shows how good it is. We all have an opportunity to make our lives better and that starts within before looking outside ourselves."

I am enjoying your very interesting and generous guests that are sharing their stories and personal journeys to help us connect with ourselves. Every episode has given me something to ponder on or new to explore in my journey to learn to love and be compassionate to myself and transfer that positive energy into the world. Keep them coming!

"These podcasts are very relatable. They speak about how we can look at our own compassion, love and self-appreciation and even when we are broken, imperfect and most vulnerable. Easy to hear and be engaged in...bravo."

"Gissele is an amazing human being and her greatness shines through her podcasts! She has empowered thousands of educators, students, parents and everyday citizens to realize the power behind their story and celebrate their journey of healing through love and compassion! thank you Gissele for doing this incredible life work! Check her out!"

"Amazing podcast"