Ep.7 Gabrielle Hartley – Compassion During Divorce

Gwyneth Paltrow called her book, “Better Apart”, the uncoupling “how-to”.  Tune in to hear how Gabrielle Hartley’s journey as a child of divorced parents, lead her to reshape and reimagine the divorce process to make it more compassionate for all. 


Ep.6 Ned Burwell Love and Tattoos: living our dreams, manifesting our reality, and being Love.

Tune in to hear Ned’s journey on how tattooing, got him on the journey to loving himself and loving others unconditionally.


Ep.5 Blake D. Bauer – Unconditionally Loving Ourselves

You were not born to suffer: Tune in to hear how to heal the root causes of insecurity, fear, shame, guilt, self-doubt, low self-esteem, low self-worth, and low self-confidence in order to live a more full and loving life.


Ep.4 Nicole Brown Faulknor – Compassion in the face of Global Trauma

Tune in to hear Nicole’s advice on how COVID is triggering a collective trauma and how fear keeps us stuck. Listen to her thoughts around how we can shift away from fear, and move towards more compassion for ourselves and others.

cocoon, butterfly, insect

Re-imagining Child Welfare as a Loving and Compassionate Place: Creating Empowering Organizations

Can child welfare be a place where children, families and even workers feel loved? What is the role of compassion in the administration of child …


Ep.3 Erica Wright – How can we create more loving and compassionate systems for youth?

Tune in to hear Erica’s journey through numerous systems to learn about how she overcame trauma in her past, navigated through the school, the youth justice system and child protection system and thrived after being in care. Listen to her thoughts on how we can create systems that focus less on fear and more on love.

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