Ep.25 Conversation with Harry Potvin-Loving our Bodies

Join us for this amazing chat with Harry Potvin, host of the Mental Corner Podcast, as he discusses his mental health struggles, body dysmorphia and how compassion helped him on his journey to being more loving and accepting of himself and his own emotions. 

Ep.24 Emmanuel Dagher-Compassion for those we deem hurtful

This is the perfect time for a conversation on how to love those we deem unlovable.  Listen to this amazing chat between myself and the incredible Emmanuel Dagher, who has presented at the United Nations, as well as the World Congress about peace love and healing. 

Ep.23 Dr. Danielle Law-Addressing bullying with compassion.

Listen to Dr. Danielle Law’s wisdom on why bullying happens and how we can positively influence bullying with compassion! We talk about her research on bullying and find out some surprising things about cyberbullying and physical bullying. This is a must listen for anyone interested in having a greater understanding why bullying happens.

Ep.22 Tanya Memme – Creating a love filled home environment.

Join Tanya Memme, host of A&E’s Sell This House, as she and I discuss being in Hollywood, how to bring greater love into our home environments, finding the strength to rebuild after a failure, and the importance of finding our voice.

Ep.20 Susan Pollak – Compassion and Parenting

Parenting can be challenging! It is one of the most challenging jobs we will ever do. But it is also greatly rewarding.  In order for us to have compassion with our children, we need to begin with ourselves. When we hold space for ourselves, we have more to give others.  In this podcast interview I chat with Susan M. Pollak, Author of “Self-Compassion for Parents”, on how to nurture our children by caring for ourselves.  It is a must listen! 

Ep.19 Edgard Gouveia Jr.- Playing games can change the world.

Tune in to hear Edgar’s story of how his desire to help others, turned into a global movement of play and social justice. In this podcast he shares how he, with the support of 5 other people, lead a movement which mobilized over 200,000 people to assist Santa Catarina in Brazil, after a devastating flood that led to the destruction of 9300 homes. In this podcast we talk about compassion, joy, and how playing games can help us address some of our world’s biggest challenges.

Ep.18 James W. Jesso – Psychodelics Mental Health and Compassion

Join us for this amazing chat with James W. Jesso on how psychedelics can assist in mental well being.  In our discussion we talk about common misconceptions of drug use, how psychedelics assisted in his journey of healing as well as how psychedelics may bring greater compassion into our consciousness.  

Ep.17 Ken Honda’s – “Happy Money”: The key to greater abundance

Tune in a listen to International Best Selling author, Ken Honda, also known as Japan’s Zen Millionaire, share his wisdom on how to have “Happy Money” and attract greater abundance into your life.  

Ep.16 Jamie Lynn Tatera – Compassion in divorce: A personal story

Tune in to hear Jamie Lynn’s story of how compassion assisted her in facing divorce, owning her truth, and how it helps her everyday in her current relationships. Stay to the end to listen to a wonderful meditative practice.

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