Gissele Taraba

Gissele Taraba has an Masters in Epidemiology from McMaster University as well as an MSW from Laurier University. She is a published author as well as a researcher and co-owner of Maitri Centre for Love and Compassion

Ep.18 James W. Jesso – Psychodelics Mental Health and Compassion

Join us for this amazing chat with James W. Jesso on how psychedelics can assist in mental well being.  In our discussion we talk about common misconceptions of drug use, how psychedelics assisted in his journey of healing as well as how psychedelics may bring greater compassion into our consciousness.  

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Upset about the vaccines? Try a little compassion

COVID19 has brought a number of challenges and opportunities. From the chaos, greater clarity has arisen over what is working and not working in our world. Although we are seeing greater and greater calls for compassion and kindness in our society, there is still a great deal of division among people. One of the topics which is currently dividing people is the issue of vaccination. Although Canada has one of the highest vaccinations rates in the world, with 67% of people being fully vaccinated (80% have received 1 vaccine) there are still a reported 3-5 million people who are not vaccinated even though they can be. Worldwide vaccination rates range from 60% to 6%. The new variant, the Delta variant, is causing a great deal of strife and adding to the divide between those who are adamant that everyone be vaccinated and those who feel their rights are being violated by being forced to vaccinate.

I am lucky enough to have friends of both sides so I can hear their different perspectives. My friends who are vaccinated tout the research shared with them, the minimal side effects and the fact that the vaccine has been shown to decrease the potential of hospitalization and death. The majority of my friends have been vaccinated without much ado. These friends are shocked that anyone would not want to get vaccinated and feel it is irresponsible not to get vaccinated. Even Jennifer Aniston has decided to cut ties with “friends” who are not vaccinated due to the fear that those who are vaccinated are spreading the disease to others and are responsible for keeping the Delta variant alive.

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Ep.17 Ken Honda’s – “Happy Money”: The key to greater abundance

Tune in a listen to International Best Selling author, Ken Honda, also known as Japan’s Zen Millionaire, share his wisdom on how to have “Happy Money” and attract greater abundance into your life.  

Ep.16 Jamie Lynn Tatera – Compassion in divorce: A personal story

Tune in to hear Jamie Lynn’s story of how compassion assisted her in facing divorce, owning her truth, and how it helps her everyday in her current relationships. Stay to the end to listen to a wonderful meditative practice.

Ep.15 Steve Farber-How Love is Good for Business

Are love and business mutually exclusive concepts? Is love only reserved for customers who love your products or can you love the people you work with and for?  Tune in to hear Steve Farber author of Love is Just Damn Good Business, as he shares stories from his clients who have incorporated love as a foundational value in their organizations.  He shares stories about the power of love in increasing organizational success, joy, inspiration and passion. 

Ep.14 Kosu Boudreau – Exploring Compassion with a Cancer Survivor

Tune in to hear Kosu’s story of overcoming cancer, supporting others and how compassion can assist individuals during and after an illness.

Ep.13 Dr. Steve Hickman – Compassion in those who identify as men

Tune in to hear Dr. Steve Hickman and Gissele discuss compassion work with Men. In this interview, we talk about toxic masculinity, the messaging men have received about self-compassion and self-love.

Ep.12 Michael Braithwaite – Compassion in Homelessness

Tune in to hear Michael Braithwaite discuss the importance of compassion in homelessness as well as redefine how we look at individuals experiencing homelessness.

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